Wild Birds of Higashi-kurume Area

There are a lot of greens in the Higashi-kurume area and thus you can see various kinds of wild birds. Spotbill ducks can be seen everywhere in the Ochiai/Kurome Rivers. Japanese Bush-warbler sings in spring. Singing of Cukoo tells you that the summer will here be soon. Other kinds of ducks come in winter. I built a feeder under the cherry tree at the backyard of my house in the autumn of 1998 and had watched the wild birds until spring of 1999. I also watched the area around the Ochiai/Kurome Rivers. The following is a list of wild birds which I could identify during the period. I will add the birds to the list if I could watch new one.

1)Wild birds you can watch throughout the year(13 kinds)

2)Seasonally visible birds(10 kinds)

3)Birds you can seldom watch(7 kinds)

4)Birds reported to be seen by other bird-watchers(I have never seen as yet.)・・・26 kinds

I will continue to try to find the birds which I have never watched.