April 2000 - June 2000

5)Sunday June 4, 2000 Jogging around Kawaguchiko-Lake

4)Sunday May 14, 2000Jogging between Higashi-kurume and Shakujii-park(Nerima-ward):Round trip of approx. 20 km (Weather:cloudy)

3)May 3, 2000Jogging from Higashi-kurume to Futago-tamagawa (Weather: Fine & shower)

QjApril 22, 2000DOGWOOD (Weather: Fine)

  • It had been rainy since Thursday. The rain finally stopped early in the Saturday morning. It is fine today! The highest temperature would be around 24 degrees centigrade today. It should be almost early summer!
  • I started jogging at 8:00 in the morning.
  • Cherry blossoms had already gone and young leaves are growing. I am dazzled by fresh green.
  • I went to Ohizumi Central Park & Wako-city Forest Park. The distance was totally 20km.
  • River banks of both Ochiai and Kurome Rivers are full of Rape Blossoms. It seems to be yellow carpet.
  • There are a lot of dogwood trees with white or rose-pink flowers. (Actually they are not flowers, but bracts.)
  • Dogwood is one of my favorite trees. Especially I love dogwood with white bracts. I also like English word 'Dogwood'.
  • Double-cherry blossoms are not yet in full bloom.
  • Bamboo shoots are also sprouting!
  • In spring, jogger can find out many things in the nature.

    1)Saturday April 2, 2000 Arch of Cherry Blossom (Weather: Fine)

  • Cherry blossom season has come!
  • Today I jogged Tama-lake cycling road. In spring, the arches of cherry blossom can be seen.
  • I left the home at 7:00 AM with digital camera. It was fine and warm.
  • I entered Tama-lake cycling road from the place close to Hanakoganei station of Seibu Line.
  • I could see immediately the row of cherry trees in full blossom. It was terrific, terrific, terrific!
  • I took a lot of photos with digital camera.
  • It was very nice to jog under the cherry trees in full blossom.
  • The snow willows were also in full blossom.
  • The cherry trees of Sayama Park is also wonderful. However, I could not go to there today. I could run 20 km.
  • I could run in good condition at the beginning. However, I felt a little bit tired at the end. It seems that I was not recovered fully from the Yoshikawa marathon race last week.
  • Anyway, I could see the cherry trees in full blossom under the blue sky and take pictures. I am very satisfied with today's jogging.