Recommendable Tasty Japanese Sake (PART II)

I would like to introduce various kinds of Japanese Sake (Rice Wines) bit by bit as shown below, which I tasted and felt tasty.

urakasumi.jpgName of SakeUrakasumi
ManufacturerSaura Y Co., Ltd.
Address2-19 Honmachi, Shiogama-city, Miyagi Pref.
PriceJPY 2,400
Japanese Sake Degree*
CommentsFamous Japanese Sake of Sendai District. Tasty Dry. You may drink as if you drink water!

kikuhime.jpgName of SakeKikuhime ("kiku" means chrysanthemum & "Hime" means young princess.
ManufacturerKikuhime Co. Ltd.
AddressSinnmachi, Tsuruki-cho, Ishikawa-Gun, Ishikawa Pref.
PriceAround JPY 1,600
Japanese Sake Degree*
FeaturesYamahaishikomi. Famous Yamada Rice used.
CommentsDry Tasty

kikusui.jpgName of SakeDry Taste Kikusui
ManufacturerKikusui Shuzo
Address750 Shimagata, Shibata-city, Niigata Pref.
PriceAround JPY 1,800
Japanese Sake Degree+8
FeaturesSando 1.3
CommentsMild and Tasty Dry.

kuroushi.jpgName of SakeJunmai-shu Kuroushi (Black Cow)
ManufacturerNate Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Address846 Kuroe, Kainan-city, Wakayama Pref.
Japanese Sake Degree+1
FeaturesFamous Wakayama's sake. Famous Yamada-rice used. Sando: 1.6
CommentsFlavorous and tasty. Rich, full-bodied flavor. The name of "Black Cow" originates from the tradition that there was a rock shaped black cow in the beautiful inlet where brewery was located. "Black Cow Inlet" is introduced in the "Manyou-shu", a famous anthology of Manyou Era ( 7th century).

tosazuru3.jpgName of SakeRokushu (Six small boats)
ManufacturerKariho Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Address275 Aza Jingu, Jinguji, Kamioka-cho, Senhoku-gun, Akita Pref.
PriceYen 1,500 (720 ml)
Japanese Sake Degree+5
CommentsSake bought at Tazako-Lake marathon race. Recommended at souvenior shop. Mild and tasty dry. Locally produced rices had been elaborately polished and brewed with special hard water, resulting in special taste.

kujira.mark.jpgName of Japanese SakeKujira Masamune
ManufacturerSeigi Sakura Co., Ltd.
Address680 Fukuda Fukuda-cho, Kurashiki City, Okayama Pref. TEL:086-455-8701
Japanese Sake Degree+9
FeaturesJunmai Dai-ginjou-shu
CommentsDegree of rice polishing : 50%. Sake made in Okayama Pref. The brewery was established in 1819 and was named "Kujira-ya : The whales" The main brand of their sake was "Kujira Masamune" ("Kujira" means whale.) Tasty dry.

hokusetsuyk35.jpgName of Japanese SakeHokusetsu YK35
ManufacturerHokusetsu Shuzou Co., Ltd.
Address2377-2 OOaza Tokuwa, Akadomari-son, Sado-gun, Niigata Pref. TEL:0259-87-3105
Japanese Sake Degree+3 - +4
FeaturesDai Ginjou-shu
CommentsDegree of rice polishing : 35%, Made by 100% of Yamada-nishiki Rice. Specially made for exhibition. Very rare sake.

chiyomusubi.jpgName of Japanese SakeChiyo Musubi
ManufacturerChiyo Musubi Shuzou Co., Ltd.
Address1321 Taishou cho Sakaiminato City, Tottori Pref.
Japanese Sake Degree+2
FeaturesJunnmai Ginjou-shu
CommentsDegree of rice polishing : 50%. Made by specially-grown-rice for sake in Tottori Pref. Very tasty.

harushika.jpgName of Japanese SakeHaru-shika, "Sealed Sake"
ManufacturerImanishi Seibei Co., Ltd.
Address24-1 Fukuchiin cho Naracity, Nara Pref.
Japanese Sake Degree+2 - +4
FeaturesJunmai Ginjou-shu
CommentsDegree of rice polishing : 55%. Made by 100% of Yamada-nishiki rice in Hyogo Pref. Sake made in Nara city, an ancient famous city. This sake is served in the international ANA flight when you ask Japanese sake. I was extremely impressed by the taste and thus I asked my running mate who now live in Wakayama Pref. to buy one for me! "Sealed sake" means that the sake was passed by the severe test done by the "Association of distinguished Japanese Sake". Mild and tasty dry. You had better nominate "Haru-shika : Spring deer" when you fly by ANA.

nanbu.jpgName of SakeDai-Ginjo Nambu Bijin (Pretty Lady in Nambu District)
ManufacturerNambu Bijin Co., Ltd.
Address13 Aza Kamimachi, Fukuoka Ninohe City, Iwate Pref.
Japanese Sake Degree*
FeaturesDai Ginjou-shu
CommentsIt is advertised that this sake is the essence of Japanese Sake since the traditional work man manually brewed with great care. Anyway, no question, just try this traditional Sake!

sekimusume.jpgName of SakeSeki Musume (Daughter of Shimonoseki District)
ManufacturerShimonoseki Brewing Co., Ltd.
Address8-23 Miyanoshita-cho, Hatao, Shimonoseki-City, Yamaguchi Pref.
PriceYen 1,500
Japanese Sake Degree*
FeaturesJousen Shu
CommentMild and tasty dry. Decent flavor of rice itself and mild taste are well harmonized.