Record of Jogging between Ohi-machi (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) and Higashi-Kurume city

May 29, 1999


When the Hanshin Earthquake occurred several years ago, all traffic systems jammed. At that time, I thought I had to try to walk between the company office and my house just in case. I checked the map and found that the distance between Ohi-machi and Higashi-Kurume city is around 35km. I also thought that I could run such a distance. Thus I decided to carry out my plan on May 29, 1999.

From ‚i‚q Ohi-machi station to my house (Higashi-Kurume city)
Distance of approx.‚R‚T‚‹‚

Details of courseF
Ohi-machi`Shimoshinmei`Togoshi Park`Hiratuka Bridge Crossing`Yamanote StreetiCircular Route No.6j`Tomigaya Crossing`Inokasira Street`Kichijouji`Kichijouji Street`Oume Highroad`Tokorozawa Highroad`Higasi-Kurume City

Time ScheduleF

I rode on the first train at 5:08AM from Higashi-Kurume station.
Arrived in Ohi-machi6:08
Started Ohi-machi6:20
Arrived in Kichijouji9:05
Came home10:30AM

Record of Jogging