Jogging from Higashi-kurume city to JR Yuraku-cho Station

Jogging from my home (Higashi-kurume city) to JR Tokyo Yuraku-cho Station

November 27, 1999 (Saturday)


Recently, my working office was changed from Ohimachi to Marunouchi(Headquarters). I jogged from Ohimachi to my home in July. Thus this time, I tried to jog between my home and headquarters. However, previous time, I ran from the office to my home and someone told me why you ran from your office to your home and that the salaried man should run from his home to his office in case of need. Thus this time, I obeyed his advise.


From Higasikurume-city to JR Yurakucho Station: Distance of approx. 28km

Details of courseF

I firstly entered the Oume Highroad and ran to Shinjuku, then joined Shinjuku Highroad to the Imperial Palce. Alongside the Imperial Palace, I finally reached to JR Yurakucho Station. Thus the course is simplier than that of previous time (i.e. Jogging from Ohimachi to Higashi-kurume). The courses: Higashikurume - Tanashi - Higashifushimi - Ogikubo - Shinjuku - Marunouchi - JR Yurakucho Station


Started at Higashikurume4:50 AM
Arrived in Ogikubo6:10
Arrived in Shin-asagaya6:20
Arrived in Nakano-sakaue6:45
Arrived in Shinjuku7:05
Arrived in Yurakucho7:58

Running Record & Impression