The auther's home country

The auther's home country is Okayama city, Okayama Pref., the western part of Japan. The birthplace is located very close to Kurashiki city. Lately, I can only return home twice a year. However, I love my home country although it has considerbly changed since I left there more than 20 years ago.

Kibi-ji (Kibi District)

The area ranging from Okayama city to Souja city. In ancient times, it was called "Kibi Province". There are a lot of ancient tombs and relics.

‚PjThe birthplace of T. Inukai (Prime minister in 1931)---Natsukawa, Okayama city

  •   ‚QjKibitsu Shrine (Kibitsu, Okayama city)j

  •   ‚RjShrine of Iron Pot built in 1612 (Kibitsu, Okayama city)

  •   ‚SjTomb of cows' nose rings
  • ‚TjKibitsuhiko Shrine (Kibitsu, Okayama city)
  • ‚UjTsukuriyama old mound (Shimoshinjou, Okayama city) ‚VjState-established provincial temple of Bicchu(Kamibayashi, Souja city)
  • ‚WjKoumorizuka old mound (Shimobayashi, Souja city)
  • ‚XjRuins of nunnery of ancient Bicchu Province (Shimobayashi, Souja city) ‚P‚OjKibi-District Cycling Road